Investment Philosophy and Method

Our Three Core Beliefs:

  1.  The potential risk associated with investing is less harmful than the risk of not investing.
  2.  Humans are emotional, and emotion gets in the way of investing successfully.
  3.  Trying to pick stocks and time the market doesn't work.

And, So what works?

A disciplined, structured program that is designed to avoid the pitfalls of emotional investing.

Portfolio Advisory Services (PAS) is just that.  It is a fee-based, low-cost program that employs highly diversified, structured investment portfolios that are based on Nobel Prize-winning financial concepts.  These concepts are supported by decades of market research and are implemented using primarily low cost Dimensional Funds.

By focusing on aspects of investing that can be controlled, the program can help you capture market returns and achieve your long-term investment goals.

How Does PAS Work for You?

  1.  Providing you with a disciplined, structured program that helps you stay fully invested everyday for the long term.  We believe that capital markets work.
  2. Diversifying broadly and globally to reduce volatility.
  3. Basing portfolio construction on a foundation of Nobel Prize-winning academic research.
  4. Allocating your assets appropriately to manage risk and to benefit from random asset-class movements.
  5. Weighting your portfolio toward small cap, value and high-profitability stocks to potentially increase expected returns.
  6. Including the right mix of fixed income to reduce volatility.
  7. Performing periodic rebalancing and managing for taxes.
  8. Customizing your portfolio to your goals and risk tolerance and working with you over the long term to ensure your portfolio stays aligned to your changing needs.
  9. Using a third-party custodian to hold your investments.