Creating Financial Freedom

“Common sense is not so common.”    
The Charter Technique involves four disciplines:
1. Creating and growing your wealth to help ensure a solid foundation
2. Protecting and preserving that wealth to ensure that you keep what you have worked so hard for
3. Making tax advantaged transfers of wealth during your life to begin the transfer process, save taxes, and test children's ability to handle money
4. Making tax advantages transfers of wealth at death to ensure that after you are gone that your wealth passes effectively and efficiently to, or for the benefit of, your chosen beneficiaries.
Through these four disciplines we ensure our clients are on and stay on, a firm financial footing with their wealth and we are able to anticipate issues rather than just responding to them. 
Let's take a look at each step in the process.
Create and Grow Wealth - This involves an analysis of the aggregate of the client's holdings, including, all investments, insurance coverage, and tax sensitivity issues to ensure a solid foundation to build upon.
Protect and Preserve Your Wealth - Here we focus more on money management with an emphasis on asset allocation and style diversification. We also review insurance coverage for adequacy of coverage and cost effectiveness. We consider the tax efficiency of the total holding and ensure that effective transition plans are in place to provide continuity for the management of your investment portfolio should something happen to you.
Examine Tax Implications - We examine the tax advantaged transfer of assets during your life by looking at qualified plan and IRA distribution issues, vesting of stock options, and business succession plans, We also examine gifting programs to children and other descendants to ensure tax efficiency and examine control issues. Finally in step three we evaluate charitable giving strategies for tax efficiency and control.
Tax Advantaged Transfer of Your Financial Legacy- We ensure the tax advantaged transfer of assets at death is arranged in an appropriate manner. We examine the tilting of assets to coordinate and facilitate the estate plan. We ensure that effective transition plans are in place providing continuity for the management of your investment portfolio. We examine the distribution plans for your loved ones and for your charitable objectives for both tax efficiency and control.